Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Beginning

Hello everyone! I never thought I could ever be one of those people who actually blog about stuff. I am just a simple lecturer working in a college. I was inspired to create this blog by my brother, who is also another person in this world whom I never thought would actually create a blog since he does not even have a Facebook account! So here I am.

I am very new to this whole blog thing but I hope it will bring me many hours of satisfaction, being able to write about my interests, events, and feelings that sometimes I feel get bottled up in, I would say, a rather monotonous and routine life. I have many things in life that I wish to express. I hope this blog will be an outlet for the great and exciting experiences that I have had and hope to have in the future. I have many things I am truly grateful for in my life and I hope many other good events and people will continue to bless my life and be a part of it and this blog too! =)

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